Are you ready to gain a competitive edge in the age of digital revolution?

Do you want to streamline processes, cut operating costs, get rid of paper and manage tasks in a better way?

Do you want to deliver digital transformation by digitizing, standardizing and automating business processes?

Boost your productivity, make better business decisions and improve your daily operations and process management with WEBCON solution to support digital document workflows and business process digitization, automation and management.

 WEBCON BPS – a comprehensive and integrated low-code BPM platform (Business Process Management) that helps companies effectively manage the workflow of tasks, information and documents to greatly accelerate and optimize business processes.

ONE PLATFORM – Endless possibilities

With just one platform, WEBCON BPS clients can address 90% of their needs and business scenarios – from simple processes that support operations to more complex ones, critical to ongoing business.

As all solutions are delivered within a single platform (Unified Application Delivery Platform), IT departments can launch new projects instantly, using the resources at hand. It is also possible to pass over the stage of sourcing, purchasing and contract negotiation. In addition, the architecture of IT systems is significantly simplified, and standardization helps employees pick up new apps and benefit from digitization in no time.

Applications delivered within the platform help organizations optimize their processes, automate repetitive tasks and get rid of paper by effectively leveraging IT technologies to support the existing business models and implement new ones.


  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Content approval and emission
  • Newsletter and mailing campaigns
  • Social media publications
  • Event planning and follow-up
  • Purchase-to-pay
  • Expense accounting


  • Correspondence and case management
  • Document repository and DMS
  • Legal agreements approval workflow
  • ISO procedures management
  • Quality management and auditing
  • Lean/Six Sigma improvement ticketing
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Claims, complaints and returns processing
  • Fleet management


  • Budgeting, investment planning and purchase requests
  • RFI, RFP, tenders and purchase orders processing
  • Cost invoice approval workflow
  • Invoicing automation
  • Payment approval
  • Credit limits management
  • Contractor management
  • Supplier authorization
  • Business trips approval and cost reimbursement


  • Vacancy approval, recruitment, on/off-boarding
  • Leave & holiday requests
  • Employee assessment
  • Security and hazard-related work permits
  • Attendance
  • Perks, bonuses and gift approval workflow
  • Retirement plans
  • Managing remote workers


  • IT assets and systems registry
  • Permissions management
  • AD & Exchange accounts provisioning
  • Project Management
  • Ad-hoc tasking
  • Change Requests processing
  • Helpdesk and ticketing

Standardization and custom fit

WEBCON BPS helps you create standardized low-code solutions (business applications) tailored to the evolving needs of your business (as opposed to the off-the-shelf solutions). It also significantly decreases the costs of delivery, maintenance, development and modification compared to classical tailor-made systems.

Easy change management

The platform’s unique properties allow solutions to be prototyped quickly, which improves cooperation between the business and the system integrator and accelerates the delivery of new solutions. What makes this platform stand out from other kinds of software in this class is the original InstantChange™ technology. It allows rapid changes that  with an immediate effect at any stage of the app lifecycle, making it easy to develop and adapt apps to changing needs.

Better cooperation between business and IT

WEBCON BPS platform  has been designed to support communication between IT departments and business users. Its individual features have been executed in a way that makes it easy to understand the application under development and contribute to the development process.  WEBCON calls it Citizen-Assisted Development approach.

Extensive integration opportunities

Comprehensive business process management calls for integration with the company’s systems in place on many levels. With all systems working harmoniously, the data is consistent and unified, the information is not duplicated and is used and coordinated in an optimum way. The extensive integration possibilities of WEBCON BPS make it easy to integrate the entire company’s IT environment into one whole. The well-conceived integration engine supports straightforward integration with all IT systems, be it global or local, standard or bespoke, including: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV (Navision), EGERIA, enova365, ERP Optima (CDN Optima), ERP XL (CDN XL), IFS, Microsoft Graph, Pohoda, SAFO, SAP, SIMPLE.ERP, Symfonia ERP and TETA Constellation. (Learn more about the possibilities of integrating WEBCON BPS with other systems.)


WEBCON BPS users can develop more than 90% of all business applications needed. They can automate processes of varied complexity: from simple, basic processes for day-to-day operations to the most industry-specific, business-critical ones. These applications often drive the competitive advantage, product or service quality and satisfaction of the end customer.


  1. Shorter process completion means great savings.
  2. Higher quality of work: human errors are eliminated during simple, repetitive, day-to-day tasks.
  3. Standardization of business processes based on best practices to ensure tasks are completed in an optimum way, by the right people and based on procedures in place.
  4. Better insights into processes to enable better business decisions.
  5. Workflows are streamlined since tasks are automatically assigned to the right people and related notifications are sent to users who need to perform them.
  6. Faster response to the changing market conditions and more effective management of changes to operating procedures.

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